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Yarn Thread String: Up Close with Fibre


So much of what we make is created by using various fibres. Knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, embroidery, rug-making, macramé and many more crafts are made possible with yarn, thread and string.

This book gets up close and personal with fibre, telling the stories and processes from venerated traditional thread companies to individual artisans raising sheep to make their own wool. We'll look at natural fibres and how they are made, and how design plays a part in the visual appeal of fibre brands. We'll also explore innovative fibres that repurpose and recycle our valuable resources. 

Yarn-Thread-String also highlight artists, craftspeople and creative entrepreneurs who use these fibres in unique and inspiring ways. Through this book, you'll gain a new and exciting perspective on what fibre is—and how we can use it to express our individuality, creativity and humanity.

From Uppercase Magazine and published as part of their ongoing 'Encyclopaedia of Inspiration' range, you'll find many familiar companies among the pages along with many new discoveries showcasing the wide range and versatility of yarn, thread and string!

Companies included in the book are Cocoknits, Blue Sky Fibres, Ito, Temaricious, Wild Fibers, Purl Soho, Brooklyn Tweed and so many more.

Paperback with interchangeable dust jacket - fold to reveal different covers
382 pages

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